Priya Sumesh: Voice for the Voiceless

To Kochites, Priya Sumesh is a neighbourhood girl who is found singing on the busy corners of the city.  On the occasion of Women’s day, Eastern Group Managing Director Firoz Meeran honoured Priya Sumesh under the ‘Eastern Bhoomika Iconic Women of Your Life’ initiative. Not a typical street singer, this bold and beautiful woman sings on to save others. For the past 2 years she has been singing on the crowded city corners as a fund raiser for children affected by cancer.

She moves around the city with her husband in an old car that carries flex boards with the details of the child for whom they are helping out. The car is parked at any crowded junctions where huge throng is present. For the next two hours she grabs the crowd’s attention with her soulful melodies. People hand over their donation to the couple through bucket collection.

What makes Priya different from other street singers falls on the life circumstances which led her to take up something unusual. Her sister died of cancer as her family couldn’t afford life-saving medicines. A cancer patient by herself, enduring life’s slap is what made Priya to do something through music as it was the only thing she possessed. Offering her music to a huge mass, she diverts attention to the suffering of others.

So far Priya has helped five children and two adults. Apart from this, she is constantly in touch with the needy. Priya uses social media as a platform to exhibit charity. Updating stories of kids in dire of money  and medicine through social media has received overwhelming responses.

Priya frequently visits the house of children whom they are helping to ensure that the money has reached them. She is ready to talk to doctors who treat the kids regarding their conditions and health status. Both with her mind and activities she is totally into service sector helping out children affected by cancer.


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