Certain incidents in once life can turn its course to a new dimension. It was after going through the

experience of human trafficking, Shilpa understood the need for a survival home for the victims of

such cases. Rescue Foundation an NGO, which is working in Mumbai. The organisation focuses on

rescuing of victims of trafficking rescued by Ms. Shilpa. She was reffered her to Ujjwala home

(Habitation centre for victims of trafficking), in the year 2009. When she came to Ujjwala home, she

was for months pregnant and her parents did not accept her.

But Ujjwala changed her life. She was trained in beautician course. After successful completion of

course, she was offered a warden job in the Ujjwala home and now she is promoted to social worker

job. Now she is helping the victims of trafficking to reform their behaviour and attitude and lead a

happy life.

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