V.K Suhra: Champion of organic farming

A non-residential Indian, V.K. Suhra now grows almost every popular vegetable variety, but giving it freely to her friends and peers alike is how she encouraged others. She earned appreciation and attention by developing crops and exceeded others expectations. Suhra has been honoured Eastern Bhoomika Award 2018 for being a role model and inspiration for all.

In fact, she got initiated into home gardening merely for a pastime. Suhra started out with growing veggies in her courtyard with seeds procured from her native. Initially, she only wanted to add some color to her place of living, but soon realized that this pastime could also be helpful to others.

Soon, she expanded her hobby to vegetable gardening, but it was not on purpose that she turned to terrace farming. All that a metropolitan city could offer was terrace farming. She planted flowering plants and vegetable saplings in grow bags and placed it on terrace and balcony. Though she was not confident about it, she could manage a bountiful harvest on the terrace.

Many discouraged Suhra saying crop development in a city like Abu Dhabi isn’t practical. Lack of soil was another major hurdle she faced. Suhra faced lack of confidence in the beginning but never wanted to abandon farming. Her husband too had encouraged her to grow greens. However, she decided to use her time and strength in giving it freely to others. The moment she realized she succeeded in growing crops, she decided to produce them in excess. Every year she bought a bundle of seeds and saplings from her hometown and sowed them in growbags, which eventually changed her destiny. On March 2018, she was awarded Bhoomika Award by Firoz Meeran, Eastern Group Managing Director.

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