Bhoomika 2018

Bhoomika’ – a venture by Eastern Condiments – endeavors to bring to light the women stalwarts in your life. A dedication to those women whose relentless effort and love has shaped you into who you are. Bhoomika honors these idols for their selfless sacrifice and unshakeable support.

“Her silent prayers and service
Has made my life a promise
To honor women who let me flourish.”
– Thomas Gray

Our Approach

It just takes 60 words and a photograph of your leading lady to laud her life’s unsung melody. Send your entry to our email or upload it on Facebook. Based on the entries, selected women will be awarded and honored on the 8th of March – which coincides with International women’s day.

Nominate Now

Fill in the Details of Nominee and Honor the iconic women in your life.

Our Impact

Its all about giving them a pat on their back and imparting the strength for their future endeavors and to support and respect their confidence.

Our Mission

Its a salute to March 8th International Women’s Day! Each and every Woman has the strength and innate potential in themselves and their struggles and tolerance are generally unnoticed and unrecognized. A few fortunate women show their mettle and come to the limelight. But there is a majority who support, who lead, who work 24X 7X365 days without holidays, who remain silent but communicate strongly through their act of love and compassion. Many owe their success to these silent powers among us. Eastern Condiments is honouring these women in a special way. Anybody can nominate their choice of women who have inspired and motivated them . It may be Mother , wife, daughter, sister, friend, boss, fiancee, colleague, teacher etc. Based on the photograph and write up of 60 words posted by various participants/ uploaded on FB and mailed , selected Women will be honored and awarded at prestigious venue in each cities on March 8.

Watch short film on international women’s day