Bhagya Rangarchar-The Woman With An In-Sight

Education, being a prominent challenge in the Indian society, Bhagya began with a dream and the burning desire to create equity for every child with access to quality education, regardless of economic and social challenges. The dream she saw has took shape in to CLT India, an organisation which has impacted more than 500000 children across India. CLT India, registered as children’s love castles trust is an India non-profit NGO based in Jakkur, Bangaluru, was founded in 1997 by Bhagya.

It aims to provide education using technology to underserved communities and its solutions serve the base of the pyramid. It operates on an inclusive low cost local model and the model has been implemented in government schools across Karnataka.

Working for providing the best form of education to the emerging youth, its mission is to use technology to create, enhance and monitor the delivery of education in an affordable, scalable and modular manner. Working hard for tackling the bad eyes in the society, this Bhoomika recipient is doing her share for making the world a better place.

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