Dr. Lakshmi Gautham

Working for bringing justice to the abandon for health, welfare and helping them getting the basic needs of life in Brindavan. She is thefounder of Kanak Dhara foundation, which is efficiently working in areas of Kanaka Dhara Umeed- helping the helping the under-privileged children with education.

The organisation has initiated several programs that work for the upliftment of different walks in the the society. The Program kaali look forward in ensuring the safety of women. Kanaka Dhara moksh break the barriers in the society cremating the heirless women. They have initiated other programs such as Kanaka Dhara Dehdhan for donation of body organs, Kanaka Dhara beti bachao beti padhao.

Prashathipathra- National Legal Service Authority, acknowledged her social survey on Widows of Vrindavan twice 2011-12. CRPF acknowledged her work towards widow up-liftment in Vrindavan in the year 2013. On international women day 8th March 2015, she had an expeditious chat with honourable PM Narendra Modi on up-liftment of widows of Vrindavan. A special invite by Government of India sponsored by muse world India for republic day parade 2014. Also, Akashawani regularly telecast her program of women empowerment.

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