Malu Sheika: The Real Princes of Courage and Determination!

On Feb 19th 2017, each and every Keralite focused their attention at the Vembanad Lake with huge enthusiasm. That day, a woman at the age of 20 swam across the dangerous Vembanad Lake from Kumarakom to Muhamma, which is around 9 kilometers. She took just 4 hours and 20 minutes to achieve this great success. That day, she also created a record by becoming the first female swimmer to cross the Lake at its widest stretch. That too by learning swimming for just 16 days!

Before mincing the word “Wonderful”, you should know the real fighter in Malu Sheika. She witnessed the separation of her parents in a courtroom at the age of 7. Her fight against the adversities in life started from that court room. With an objective to keep her life up, she had to do various jobs such as a domestic help, auto rickshaw driver, restaurant employee, container truck driver, heavy-goods vehicle driver, driving instructor, and an insurance adviser. She can speak, write and read 6 languages excluding her mother tongue Malayalam. Now she concentrates her focus on civil service. She is the real inspiration in the whole mankind! So, everyone should know her life hitherto!

Article Courtesy : SouthHerald

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