Sangamithra Ayyangaar


HIV AIDS is not a disease, socially accepted even by the 20 th century Indian society. It is in this

context that, making her step to initiate change, Sangamaithra worked as a mental health practitioner

at a time when HIV AIDS was getting recognised as a problem. She saw people did not realise the

emotional changes that they went through when they realised that their life will no longer be same

after HIV.

Her understanding was beyond the concept of AIDS being a disease. But she witnessed entire families

collapsing due to the disease. This triggered her to begin Samraksha- one of the first organisations in

India, for the Aids affected. These organisations in the initial stages lead its way to the birth of many

more agencies for the people affected with HIV virus. It would be a huge stepdown for the Bhoomika

jury, if we fail to celebrate the works of this eminent personality.

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