Tulika Kapoor

Running an NGO ‘Aryashree’ from past 15 years in Agra,Tulika works with children, youth and women coming from the disadvantaged sessions of the society. The children who never attended formal schools come for these classes. After a year of teaching, they are enrolled in to formal schools.

Teachers are selected from slums, preferably a graduate and if not she is encouraged to study further. In the evening children who go to school come for tuition classes. It has been observed that in slums where we are working, dropout rates have gone down. This has had a positive impact with dropout rate dropping.

They conduct personality development workshops at various institutions and organisations. Grooming and soft skill expert with over 20 years of experience. She has also started counselling sessions and life skill programs for the in mates. Most of the in mates where rescued from brothel homes or where running prostitution rackets. They were very low in self-esteem, and where trying to find easy way to earn money. To rehabilitate them in to respectful profession was a real task. Introducing a new model to education, Tulika Kapoor is being an idol to millions.

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