Renuka Sasikumar: wings of hope to psychically challenged children

Kochi edition of Eastern Bhoomika 2018 showcased a deep dive into super exciting stories of 13 extra ordinary women. Firoz Meeran, Managing Director of Eastern Group relished honoring Renuka Sasikumar, another symbol of boldness for her service chapter. Renuka Sasikumar was not happy with the life she was having till then.  One fine day she decided to dedicate her life to impaired children which bothered her the most. It was at the age of 21, when this woman with a kind heart decided to help physically challenged children. When Renuka got more and more opportunities to work for them, she realized the truth that you don’t require huge money to do great things in life. Without second thought Renuka started her own venture called “Butterflies” a training and workshop platform for every single child with disabilities.

Working as a resource teacher at Thrissur Model Boys School and managing her own venture was the biggest challenge Renuka faced. After getting into Butterflies, she felt responsible for bettering the lives of these children.  As a part of her venture, she took children affected by autism, cerebral palsy along with their families on boat, bus, train and flight journeys.  Anyone could make a difference in society just by dedicating your TIME, she believes.

Renuka Sasikumar worked tirelessly to publish their literary works to attain a degree of equality. As a dedicated teacher she believes that her work extends beyond teaching. For her, happiness lies in identifying each child’s unique talents and nurturing them. In Butterflies, she gives children special training in the art of ‘chendamelam’ and also takes them for performing at different places. Renuka made children participate in marathon and even ran with them. In seeing her children so, she witnessed a great feeling of satisfaction and achieved what she sought.

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