Praveena- The icon of boldness

Being a male dominated area, it was difficult for Praveena in her initial period. But she jumped the hurdles and made the crematorium a peaceful and administered place. First thing she did was to stop the practice of bribe. The process which should have been a free procedure was often covered with bribes and commissions. Praveena stopped this. Her next agenda was to clean the area. Toilets were cleaned and garbage bins were placed. She made sure that even the place of cremation was well maintained. According to Hindustan times, people now state that it looks like a park.
The story of Praveena is nothing but an inspiration to millions of women who desire to take up the responsibilities. She strongly state through her doings that there is nothing like a ‘man’s job- women cannot do’. Determination and belief in oneself is the only USP that require succeeding in the work that one wants to do. Eastern Condiments would like to honour this brave soul, through our prestigious Bhoomika award. A story like this should be shared and passed on.

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  1. Wоnderful work! This is the tyρe of іnfo that should be shareԀ around the intеrnet.
    Ꮪhame on Gоogle for no longer рositioning this suЬmit upper!
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