Rajalakshmi Ravi – Healing All The Way

The number of diseases is much higher in number and much more complex than human body. At times we would not understand what the doctor meant. Same was the situation with Rajalakshmi when her daughter was affected with a Kidney problem. Little did she know what the problem was. But this incident was her stage of enlightenment. She began to understand the necessity to teach people about the complex kidney problems that human body have to go through at times.
She began to travel. She travelled to teach. Through her power point presentations, she presented the types of kidney problems, ways to cure them, its medicines general health upkeep up. She offered the talk in local languages as well. Since 2016 she started a prevention clinic in her office in Ambattur. In a world where everything is fast with time moving fast with its fast food culture, Rajalakshmi through her works reminds us why it is necessary to slow down a bit. Basic tests including blood sugar, Post Prandial blood sugar, blood urea, Serum creating and consultation with the doctor is done at free of cost. Immense number of people have benefitted from her clinic.
She collaborates with several organisations to conduct these programs. L&T constructions, Ford Motors and Indian Oil Corporation has been a great support for all her activities. Playing her own game in the most perfect manner, Rajalakshmi is being a model for a healthy life. As said before, it is not easy to find such a soul who thinks about others in a busy world, how one will not honour such a gem. That is indeed the story of Rajalakshmi Ravi the honourable recipient of Eastern Bhoomika.

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