Negha Shahin- Fighting against the odds

The government of India might have recognised the position of Trans gender in Indian society. But sure their life is still miserable. The conservative Indian society takes time to accept the changes that break their age old traditions. Working for the Trans community is a strong and independent Trans woman who is 27 years old from Chennai. Negha Shahin is now working as a lead with Trans Rights Now Collective. The organisation is a Bahujan Adivasi collective of Trans leaders across the country, working for the up-liftment of trans community by supporting Trans education and building Trans job opportunities.

She is trained counsellor who have over one year experience in an NGO called Thozhi and have counselled over 100+ trans women to overcome their gender issues and fight against their social stigma. She also provides free service for Trans genders in overcoming depression and suicide. She is not just an activist. But also an actress who has appeared in over 3 short films namely Piravi, Manam and Thirunagal. A poet by profession, she will be soon releasing her book through Kindle. By then she will be the first trans- women from Tamil Nadu to release a digital book.

Turning her back against the prevalent atrocities in our society, Negha not just challenge the Trans community. She is an inspiration for the people from backgrounds. She proves it every day that just because tradition exists that does not mean that it should be forever followed. This change maker is definitely under the Bhoomika award recipient list by Eastern group.

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