Preethi Sreenivasan-The Phoenix Bird

She was the youngest girl to play the Indian state cricket team at the age of 8. She was a champion swimmer. But life took a chance on Preethi Sreenivasan. She met with a terrible accident on a college trip to Pondicherry which made her paralysed below her neck.

This incident took aback by everyone but not her. Preethi started fighting against her fate as well. With unbreakable spirit she set out on a journey. “If I worked, remain true and live with integrity, I my life would be a success”. Say this real life hero. The first 18 years of life, she succeeded in all endeavours that she took part in. But on one fine day she began her life living on a wheelchair. But nothing happened could break her. She joined her broken pieces and started an organisation called Soulfree.

Preethi remarks that Soulfree’s ultimate vision is to create an inclusive township, where people with disabilities can come and live their life. They will be provided with required support. In short she was building a home for the needy. She provided them with the security and protection that they were craving for. Soulfree created a world of love and care. It was not without difficulty that Preethi reached this stage. She was involved in a fight with her own life. Every other day she tried to take a step forward from the day before. With sheer perseverance and immense courage, Preethi Sreenivasan has defeated her fate, and continues to be a champion.

It is with high hope and pride, that Eastern group is introducing our Bhoomika recipient 2018 Preethi Sreenivasan. She is definitely a star who should be remembered for a millennium.

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