Uma Muthuraman- Goddess of Small Things

Uma Muthuraman and her husband were making a documentary called Pavement Flower when she met Jayavel. “She is a woman who changed his life according to Jayavel. The crop failure of the 1980’s had left Jayavel and his family in huge grievance. They lost their home and began to live on pavements. After the death of his father, Jayavel’s mother fell in to the trap of alcoholism. All their earnings where spent on alcohol. But things changed when the family met Uma Muthuraman.

At first they were afraid. They felt that Uma would hurt them. But she used their names only to earn fund from the government. The fund collected from the government was given to the family. This incident changed Jayavel’s life. He was offered proper education. After excelling his 12 th grade examination with high grades, Jayavel cleared the Cambridge Entrance examination and graduated with flying colours. The life changing stories by Uma Muthuraman does not begin or end here. For a country like India, where the number of people suffering from different forms of grievances day by day, good souls like Uma Muthuraman is a light in the darkness. It is not easy to set dedicate one’s own life to work to find happiness in other people. But it takes honest effort and selfless attitude. It is not very common to find the selflessness in Uma Muthuraman in every other citizen. This is why Eastern condiments undoubtedly chose her as one to award our Bhoomika honour to.

Living life for others and helping others to chase their dreams, Uma Muthuraman is truly the Goddess of small things.

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