Chinnmaye Praveen- A life devoted to children

Chinnmaye Praveen is strategic head of social entrepreneur organization Gewinn wachstum, catering to needs of drinking water issues throughout Karnataka. To give back to society as passion she started Vistaara, an initiative to provide platforms for rural kids, beggars and old aged through community participation and cross learning.

Vistaara works on upliftment of society basically on the note from the children to the children; it encourages kids to actively take part in creating useful change in the society. Vistaara foundation has reached 4000 plus kids at different districts with workshop on life skill and self sanitization; around 900 aged are counselled to bridge the gap of generation. Through Vistaara, she inspires Inspiring kids to take part in literacy campaign, educates them the importance of education, teach them to protect nature and promotes awareness on health hazards to civic deprived kids.

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