Savitha Devi- A real Cherub

Savitha Devi is the founder of Revive Life foundation (RLF), an initiative from Revive Bangalore Publications which focuses to rebuild happiness and bridge generous and selfless donors with people who need help and support. Through Revive Life Foundation, she is committed to promote and nurture the well-being of vulnerable children, and people in need by providing food, shelter, medical help, academic opportunity, life training skills, mentor ship, career placement, and health.

Savitha Devi holds a locally based community of social workers, volunteers and philanthropists enabling initiatives to tackle poverty, nutrition and constraints faced by families trying to make their ends meet. As a person she aim at and envision a future to provide every child, so that they live with good nutrition, security, love and care. Also she take care of individual development, make sure that individuals that we help in Skill development programmes enables them to attain focus, responsibility and commitment to remain self sustained. Likewise Savitha Devi focuses on Sports Promotions Programmes that help Individuals and teams to nurture their gifted talents. Through Revive Life Foundation, she helps them providing access to sport events and tournaments backed by the required equipment and infrastructure for training well.



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