Joy Srinivasan- ‘Spicing’ up learning for the poor

In a state which is already battling issues related to education, like infrastructure and human resources, the NGO Makkala Jagriti (Awakening of Children) comes as a boon for underprivileged children. The organization, founded in 2003, is motivated by a vision to empower underprivileged children through a holistic approach to learning. Joy Srinivasan started the NGO with an intention to help children from marginalized communities receive quality intervention by not just emphasizing on education, but also helping them overcome their fears associated with education. Joy is the founder and leading change agent at Makkala Jagriti. Currently the chairperson, she deeply believes that every child from poor settlement background has tremendous potential, which has to be nurtured through the right opportunities. For close to three decades she has walked along with such children and young adults guiding them in unraveling their strengths and potential. This belief inspired her to start Makkala Jagriti in 2003 to create a social movement and continues to drive her vision and mission for the organization.

With over two decades of work experience across corporate, development sector & leadership training within India & Abroad, she is an accredited professional member of ISABS – Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science, certified participant in Group Relations Conference at Tavistock – UK & Certified Women’s work leadership trainer in the USA.

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