Started the life from a very poor family background and getting married to an unemployed, wounded man. After attempting suicide from which she came after hospitalization for a week, she stood upright for the 2 children she gave birth to, with God’s grace found herself a job in a commercial kitchen equipment company as the secretary for the formal boss Mrs. Maya Mohan, her hard work and loyalty in poverty paid her off she started Sree Saravana Industries a commercial kitchen equipment company after her formal boss relieved from the field. For the past 10 years in the field of kitchen equipment manufacturing a male dominant field she has successfully made her possession employing more than 20 men running the unit successfully as a leading manufacturer. With her hard work she made her dream, comes true of sculpting the life of her children. She made one has doctor and another has engineer. Not seeing any happiness for herself an selfless soul I nominate her for this award kindly help me see a happy smile on her face.

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