Hema Rakesh

Hema Rakesh, works as Digital Editor and Senior News Anchor in a Tamil News Channel – News J. She is from Krishnagiri District-nicknamed as the Most Backward district in TamilNadu state and also its a named as More Female Infanticide happened district in Tamilnadu She has completed her Schooling and College Academics from Govt institutions. * She had worked as a part time journalist (Student Journalist) in Vikatan Group of journals(a tamil biweekly)while pursuing her under graduation. In her family nobody had awareness about the news media.She is the first women who entered in News media from her family without anyone support, only with her own capability. With 13 years of rich experience in Journalism, she is successfully pursuing her career with a variety of skills. As a student reporter she started her career from the college days later she stepped in to versatile positions as Sub Editor, Anchor, News presenter, Political Moderator, Documentry Film Director and finally now as Digital News Editor at News J TV, She is one among a very few women in Tamil Media Industry who has leading the position as HOD.  Not only she does best in her career, she has brought fame to her home town, by directing a travel documentary about its’ Historical importance -Titled as Thonmayin Adichuvadu –Krishnagiri.  She has travelled into caves, Forest, Hills and documented the historical importance of Krishnagiri, with evidences of 2000 yr old stone carvings. She has received various awards and recognitions for this documentary, which makes her the first woman of the district to make a travel documentary about its significance. She has a social face too, where she is motivational speaker, lectures about self-confidence and female empowerment in various forums, schools and colleges.  Now She has Appointed as Pink Ambassador for an NGO named ” India Turns Pink ” to create awareness about breast cancer among the females. I feel proud to introducing my friend as such an eminent and successful personality.

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