Archana Suresh- The Woman for the needy

As the founder of Smile foundation, Archana Suresh aided over 6500 people who are underprivileged and needy. They were provided with clothes, utensils etc. Apart from that, standing up for the importance of better education in the country, under her initiative 56 orphan kids where sponsored in the year 2015 and 2016. Further, keeping little things in mind, this foundation provided around 2300 blankets to the homeless in winters of 2015 and 2016.

The idea of better education was not confined in sponsoring 56 children. But in Hyderabad and Adilabad districts, kids were given notebook in the year 2017. The works of the Smile foundation was not just about securing a better future. But keeping mind that certain people need aid for existence, Archana Suresh provided see capital to start a curry point for a partially handicapped man. Then gifted a wheelchair to a handicapped man in 2015. Easter condiments salute this brave soul for doing her best in making this world a better place. We award her with our prestigious Bhoomika recognition.

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