Jilumol Maariet-The Daring Fighter

Jilumol Maariet Thomas was born in Thodupuzha Kerala on 10th October 1991. She was a special child, born without hands. But unlike being depressed about the fact that she is incapable of carrying out her actions as a normal human being, this lady by practice combined with shear will power, performs all her activities with the help of her feet. She writes draws and drives with the help of her feet. She creates mesmerising pencil drawings as well. She completed her graduation in arts animation and graphic designing at St.Joseph College Changanassery. With immense amount of hard work and confidence, recently she received her driving licence as well. When she applied for the license the officials refused to conduct her driving test. She went from pillar to post but she was given the reply that there was no provision for driving with legs.

Under the motor vehicle act she moved Kerala high court, and as per the court’s directive, the R.T.O  of Thodupuzha conducted her driving test in which she qualified. The life of Jilumol Maariet Thomas is an inspiring tale of confidence and determination that has the capability to inspire many more generation to come. Such being the reason, Eastern group is proud to present our Bhoomika recipient – The daring fighter Jilumol Maariet Thomas.

Jilumol’s story is one of the typical cases of persistence and hard work.

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