Pudota Neelima- The real champion

While coming down amidst dead bodies and the inured, Pudota Neelima made up her mind to conquer this Everest at any cost. She summited 8160 M out of 8848 M highest peak in the Mt. Everest. She is the first women from the newly formed Andhra Pradesh to achieve this task. She did her B.Tech from MGIT Hyderabad in Mechotronics. She gave up her job to conquer the Mt. Everest. She was at the Everest base camp in April 2015 during the earthquake in Nepal. Though the earthquake shook everybody at the camp, but her spirits were held tight. On reaching India with the help of Indian army, she declared her intention conquer the Everest.

Pudota Neelima is indeed being a strong figure of confidence and determination. She turned the negative energy around her to succeed her dreams. She was conquering the energy that caused a wide disaster. Through our Bhoomika recognition, Eastern condiments wish her high success in all her future endeavours.

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