Dr. Supraja Dharani- Turtle Life Safer

In a scenario where everyone takes the nature for granted, Dr. Supraja Dharani is doing everything from her end to save the diversity. Her efforts to save the dying breeds of sea turtles are now inspiring a wide range of youth. Until sometime the people of Periyar Neelangarai would have played cricket with the turtle eggs if they found one. But Supraja Dharani and her introduction of ‘Sea turtle Protection Force enlightened’ the coastal communities in Chennai and its neighbouring towns.

Dr. Supraja has not just converted the youngsters in to turtle loving bunch, but inspired the community to understand the necessity of keeping the food chain flowing in the right direction. In fact as part of her strong determination, since 2002 over 44,654 sea turtles where send in to the sea. Her strive for awareness does not conspire in the coastal community. But she travelled with her team till Shivakashi, learning as well as lecturing there by creating a movement in making the world a better place. The efforts of this women has succeeded in bringing together fisher men like Puzhagarasan and IAS aspirants like Robin, and work for a common cause. According to Puzhagarasan, there was a time when the fishermen used to cut the flippers of the turtles stuck in their nets. But now they gently set them free.

Dharini also set up TREE (Trust for Environment, Education, conservation and Community development) in October 2002. To build a bond between Humans and marine diversity she thought about a fully equipped Marine Diversity aquarium as well. Her good works to save the world has not gone un noticed. She was awarded with Whitley Associate Award for 2009-2010, the Disney Worldwide Conservation Award, Sea World and Bush Garden Conservation Award, and the Peoples’ Trust for Endangered Species Award. She calls the turtles as the Gardeners of the sea. We, the Eastern Condiments are proud to present our prestigious Bhoomi award for the Saviour of the Marines.

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