Sandhya Venugopal Godey- The Teacher The Mentor

Sandhya was the one who founded speaking chalk to equip students with spoken English.

It was her realisation that even highly educated individuals lack confidence in communicating in the universal language that inspired Godey to initiate this school of thought. She concentrated among the student community to rectifie the issues with this trait.

The students of the English medium school outside the gates of Andhra university where struggling with spoken English. The English taught in the school where curriculum and exam oriented. The teachers who were busy with their own curriculum work could not give much concentration to develop the skills of their students. She also approaches potential volunteers through just one hour consent where she urges them to contribute just one hour of their week to help the students to overcome the difficulty in their languages.

Through her initiative, Sandhya Venugopal Godey is undoubtedly raising confidence among our youth. Eatern Condiments is indeed proud to stand by her side in building a much confident younger generation.


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